Ontario Rent Control 2017

April 27, 2017

We discuss one component of the recent Ontario government real estate initiatives - changes to the Rent Control Act. Find out how premier Kathleen Wynne has not addressed the essential problem here, and why this will only contribute to higher rents in the future, in the Greater Toronto Area. Video at https://youtu.be/1Zed2cVINqE

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Ontario Foreign Buyer Tax 2017

April 21, 2017

The Ontario government has instituted a 15% tax for foreign, non-resident buyers of residential real estate in the Greater Golden Horseshoe Area - an area stretching from Niagara Falls to Mississauga to Toronto to Peterborough. We discuss the rationale behind the tax, which is part of an effort to slow the local real estate market, and offer views whether it will work, or not. See the full video at https://youtu.be/_ZbVxp5h36A


2017 Real Estate Market Mississauga

February 23, 2017

We review the real estate market in Mississauga, compare sales and prices from 2016, and look forward to what will happen in 2017. See the full report, with video transcript at http://www.randyselzer.com