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How to Make Your Canadian Mortgage Tax Deductable

November 14, 2021

We talk with bestselling author Robinson Smith about the Smith Manoeuvre, a way for Canadians to create tax deductions from the mortgage loan on their principal residence.

Learn how to get a special "re-advanceable" mortgage that combines your mortgage loan with a line of credit. Use the line of credit to make further investments. Over time, the Smith Manoeuvre gradually converts your non-deductable mortgage loan interest to tax deductable investment interest.

Rob explains exactly how it works. This strategy is allowed by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), and these special re-advanceable mortgages are offered by the big five banks in Canada.

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Contact Rob Smith at: robsmith@smithman.net


Check out Rob's bestselling book here: https://www.amazon.ca/Master-Your-Mortgage-Financial-Freedom/dp/1999171608/ref=sr_1_1


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